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Paul is an alternative practitioner and a dedicated martial arts master. His wife Wendy is a qualified Master Tutor/Practitioner in Okinawan Bodywork Dynamics and qualified teacher of Namaste yoga. Together they run a clinic near Bournemouth dedicated to Okinawan Bodywork Dynamics (OBWD), a form of healing practices which incorporate numerous Japanese and Chinese methods that Paul has evolved over the past 28 years.

OBWD is an alternative therapy based on touch, using healing techniques which originated in Japanese thousands of years old. Ailments are caused by an imbalance between mind and body, when the meridians or channels through which energy (Chi) flows around the body become blocked. By stimulating various acupressure points, tension is released and the body and mind are harmonised, allowing the energy to flow. This encourages physical and emotional wellbeing.

Paul uses these techniques to successfully treat a wide array of conditions, particularly those with persistent symptoms. Muscle and sports injuries, conditions such as migraines, sciatica, depression, digestive problems and epilepsy all form part of Paul's everyday list of ailments to treat.

Paul began his enlightened path 38 years ago. He became interested in martial arts at an early age and dedicated himself to studying Tai Chi, Qigong and Kobudo, reaching the highest title of Great Master in Martial Arts in 2011. He was the first Shiatsu practitioner in the UK to open a clinic on the high street and is one of a handful of Okinawan Te practitioners in the Western hemisphere.

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Caution: Please be wary of anyone using the name of Paul Jefferies and Okinawan Bodywork Dynamics who are not on our Students & Practitioners list. Always ask to see qualifications and insurance documents for any therapy you receive.

“My techniques are about healthy living in all aspects of life and listening to your body. When I treat someone, I am simply stimulating them to permit their own healing power to act.” 


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