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Paul and Wendy studied martial arts and healing under the guidance of Great Grand Master Mark Bishop. Until 1990, Paul concentrated on the martial arts of combat and teaching others. At this point Paul was awarded the Honorary title of Head Dojo and he opened his own martial arts school, which was the first site in the UK to teach Kobudo, the art of classical weaponry. While practicing martial arts, Paul discovered he had a special ability to heal pain or injuries caused during the practice of martial arts. At the request of his students, Paul began to use the Dojo as a clinic for close friends and family to treat ailments, which had not been cured by other types of doctors or practitioners. Paul has since received over one hundred written testimonials from those who have benefited from his expertise.

Paul and Wendy wish to thank all of their clients who have help them raise funds for the various charities that they have supported in the past and still support today. Most recently they have raised funds for the Help for Heroes Campaign.

They strive to keep the Karma flowing by regularly providing consultations and treatments to those who are in need but would not normally be able to obtain their services. They also provide treatment for a variety of high profile sportsmen and women. In the entrance of the clinic, a variety of memorabilia can be seen that has been given to them from these clients.

The Clinic is situated within a site full of positive energy from the water features surrounding the house and the natural spring that runs in the grounds. This helps maintain the flow of energy through the working environment. 

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Paul and Wendy are proud members of the National Garden Scheme. Their horticultural expertise has been showcased to members of the public to help raise money for charity and featured in Britain's best selling weekly garden magazine - Amateur Gardening. Click on the following links for images from the article - Page 1; Page 2; Page 3; Page 4; Page 5;

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