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A Beginners Guide to Okinawan Bodywork Dynamics, the new book by Paul Jefferies is out now!

"The art of healing massage/touch is as old as mankind.  Instinctively people have touched the ailing parts of their body, rubbing and soothing to alleviate symptoms of pain.  Okinawan Bodywork Dynamics (OBWD) follows this instinctive movement of self-healing and takes it a step further.  It systematically stimulates the receiver of the massage (Anma) in such a way as to permit his/her own natural healing power to act.  Thus the individual is responsible for his or her own well-being on a daily basis; they are not dependent on others for changes in their own body.

OBWD uses Shiatsu as a vehicle to apply the techniques. Shiatsu means finger (shi) pressure (atsu), and is generally a form of moving around the body to apply perpendicular pressure with the hands and fingers, feet, elbows and at times the whole body can be used in a way as to not lose contact with the person you are working on.  OBWD differs in its effort to treat and balance the whole person, harmonising both mind and body.  To do this, the practitioner uses his whole body.  Wholeness brings wholeness.  Many of the OBWD techniques involve the use of the feet.  The foot can be used in as sensitive a manner as the hand.  Using the feet allows the practitioner to keep his posture straight, which enables him to breathe more deeply.  As a consequence he is able to give a deeper, fuller Okinawan Bodywork Dynamics treatment, based on the form of Japanese Anma, without becoming tired. As we use our minds in our treatments and not our physical strength, karmic release is our secret which is based on the form of Japanese Anma which in itself is 2500 years old."

This 160-page book contains detailed advice on how to incorporate the principles of Okinawan Bodywork Dynamics into your lifestyle, with in depth tips on diet, breathing and relaxation techniques, creating a stress-free environment in the home, as well as meditation and visualisation. Basic exercises that can help promote the flow of Chi through the body are described with accompanying pictures. The book is aimed at anyone interested in exploring this type of therapy, but for would-be practitioners there is description on how to give massage therapy and how to diagnose what pain in a certain body part signifies.

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Book Reviews...

Debbie Crosoer:

The true strength that Paul Jefferies possesses as a practitioner of body work isn’t the speed with which he can heal people, or the depth and breadth of problems he’s helped alleviate, both of which are considerable abilities.  It’s the longevity of his practice.  This has allowed him to develop and refine his expertise to such a high level.  He can treat client after client, week after week, year after year, without losing his effectiveness or suffering burn out; a fate that many body workers and healers suffer.

How to overcome the wearing effects of healing other people is a conversation I have with many practitioners that I meet.  It’s a subject that rarely seems to be covered in the training of many of the healing professions, yet it’s a problem that every effective practitioner is aware of.

While this book has been titled ‘A Beginners’ Guide…’ it offers a great foundation on how to take care of yourself as a practitioner at any level.  The methods, and strategies discussed, offer a variety of ways to clear your mind, keep your body healthy and your soul open.  These are the secrets to allowing you true freedom within your practice and your life, and delivering powerful treatments within your chosen discipline.

For me this book offers the fundamentally important, but often overlooked and seldom discussed side of healing that everyone should know.

J Hook:

I would thoroughly recommend this book to anyone; by taking on board the author's recommendations my health and energy levels are far higher than they have ever been! A thoroughly enjoyable read and a depth of knowledge from the author that is quite remarkable. A perfect explanation of how we in the west can improve and cultivate our lifestyles by learning from the ancient wisdom of the east.

New Book Update...

Paul has been working hard on his second book! Check back for further updates on the release date. You can pre-order by completing the above contact form. The first 50 copies sold will be signed by Paul.

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