Martial Arts

Paul Jefferies is qualified in:

  • Karate
  • Okinawan Te (8th Dan)
  • Kobudo Martial Arts (8th Dan)
  • Tai Chi (8th Dan)
  • Qigong Exercise
  • Martial Stretching

Member of the I.P.T.I (Membership No: 9680)

Former Treasurer and Advisor to the U.M.A.F. and I.S.C.

In 2016 Paul became a Great Master of Martial Arts. See his latest belt, certificate and a picture of his top 2016 students:


Martial Arts Courses

Latest Courses
DATES AND TIMES Every Tuesday 19:30 to 21:00
LOCATION Broadstone

Paul runs a weekly class which covers the practical, theoretical and spiritual side of Martial Arts. He uses his vast experience and in-depth knowledge to train a select number of students.

For further details or enquiries about joining the class, please fill out the contact form at the top of this page.

See pictures from Paul's class on 29th September 2012 here

View two training videos here


Basic martial arts throw 1Basic martial arts throw 2Basic martial arts throw 3Basic martial arts throw 4Martial Arts Lock 1Martial Arts Lock 2Martial Arts Lock 3Martial Arts Lock 4Te Mu Keh Throw 1Te Mu Keh Throw 2Te Mu Keh Throw 3Te Mu Keh Throw 4Te Mu Keh Throw 5Te Mu Keh Throw 6Te Mu Keh Throw 7Te Mu Keh Throw 8Te Mu Keh Technique 1Te Mu Keh Take Down
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