"Hi Paul/Wendy,

Just a quick message to say thanks so much for seeing me the other week. I have had time to integrate and my body seems to be responding with greater synergy...muscles that weren't firing in the glutes seem to be working again and taking the strain in the belly of the muscle rather than loading up the attachment tendons on the sacrum/hip. Thank you so much for your sterling work and I'll see you soon. love x


C Maxfield, Bournemouth

"Dear Paul and Wendy

I would just like to say a massive thank you for my treatment on Thursday. After being messed about for 2 and half years by many doctors and consultants I started to loose any faith with my on-going dislocation of my shoulder, and thought it would never be sorted. After one session with you I now have regained faith - someone know's what they are talking about, has great knowledge and in time will get my shoulder sorted. Even after one session it has changed my shoulder dramatically not only physically but mentally. It feels like it is in the socket right and movement is so much easier. Its made the simplest of task such as getting changed less painful and easier to do. I have been doing my press ups which you said to do everyday frequently, although it aches a lot after, I know its going to be worth it and continue to do them. So far so good its hasn't dislocated what I am extremely happy about. I know it is a long road ahead but you have already changed things so much for me and for that, I will be forever grateful. Thank you so much you do such amazing work and look forward to seeing you on the 1st.

Thanks again

C x"


C.W., Bournemouth 

The Day Paul Jefferies Gave Me My Life Back

"By the time you are 45 I bet my house you will have cancer, as your body is riddled with stress."  My first thought was ‘well it is a wonderful house’ and a split second later the shock kicked in.  At 31 years old and having just been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, I wasn’t quite prepared for the plain speaking of Paul Jefferies but little did I know it would be the catalyst to a better life.

Arriving at Paul’s house, I didn’t actually know what to expect.  My boyfriend had recommended we visit him as he could see the effect the Crohn’s was having on my life – at the time I was scared of going anywhere without knowing where the nearest toilet was.  Working in the city was a nightmare and getting the train to work became exhausting.  It came to the point, where I was willing to try anything to make my life better and then I luckily met Paul.

As we walked into the treatment area, an extension of Paul’s house in Poole, the entrance hall was covered with autographed photographs of celebrities.  Footballers, golfers, cricketers and really high profile faces were everywhere alongside countless books of autographs thanking Paul and his wife Wendy for their help.  Amazingly, Paul had helped all these people and now he was seeing me.  I immediately felt at ease after learning how, using Okinawan Bodywork Dynamics, Paul had successfully treated even those with cancer and helped them into remission.









As I lay on the floor wondering what to expect, Paul worked the knots in my stomach that I wasn’t aware of at the time.  The hunched shoulders, intense face and tight muscles led him to ask questions about my diet, lifestyle, mind and body.  Being as sceptical as I am, I wondered really whether to expect any changes to happen.   I felt relaxed that’s for sure, something that I don’t often take the time to do, so it felt nice but I still wasn’t completely converted.  And then, that single sentence that will stay in my mind forever...."I bet my house you will have cancer by the time you are 45".  WOW.  I wasn’t expecting that at all.  It was then I sat up and listened.  Learning from Paul about what I needed to do to repair my body.  Yoga, cutting out caffeine, getting an air purifier and generally making sure I took time for myself to relax...hard to do when you run your own company and are a born worry-wart but I am learning and I am getting better at it.

The most amazing thing for me though is the change in my Crohn’s.  I have now had about six treatments with Paul and can honestly say it has completely changed my life.  All the worry and pain that had previously consumed my life has been dramatically reduced.  Bad days with my stomach used to be once every two days.  Now they are probably twice a month.  All I can say is, while I still have a long way to go, I am so grateful to Paul and his wife Wendy for giving me back my life.





Dean Mitchell

I first met Paul around three years ago , he came highly recommended by my father in law who Paul had successfully treated for sciatica previously. I had been working for my farther for sixteen years in the construction industry in a high pressured job with tight deadlines, consequently I suffered some form of breakdown, with a constant headache and anxiety attacks.

I will never forget my first treatment, it consisted of light palm pressure along my arms and legs and finger pressure to the rear of my head, as well as some talking and advice from Paul.
The feeling I had after the treatment was very new to me, my thinking was a lot clearer,  speaking felt easier and I was more aware of my surroundings and my headache had lessened considerably.



The treatment had such a profound effect on me that after around three months I was feeling pretty much back to normal with no headaches, Paul invited me to join his bodywork dynamic class and also his tai chi classes, and I jumped at the opportunity.

I now have been studying and learning both of these for three years, along with some one-on-one tuition with Paul. I hope in the near future to start my own Okinawan Bodywork Dynamics practice  full time along with Paul's guidance. So you could say not only did Paul cure me, but he changed my life completely for the better, I've never been happier with the way things are turning out.

Darren Anderton
 "Thanks for all the painful help!!"



Gareth Farrelly - Hell's Kitchen
For sale or part-exchange - "blow your mind stuff!" Pitch and Putt Champion



Jamie Rednapp - Liverpool
"No pain no gain or I hope that's right... Thanks for all your help"



Cuervo Philiffe -Everton
"No pain no gain- If I play again it's because you were here after the doctor did my operation"



Fred Capel
"10 days of the worse pain ever, well worth it, Paul gave me my knee back.. Thanks for everything"



G Farrelly - Everton
 "Normal service has been resumed"



Stephen Robinson - Preston North End
"Four hours drive but worth every minute"



Peter Crouch - Liverpool
"I'll be back.... go easy on me!"



Graham Rix - Portsmouth FC
"Top man Paul.... see you soon"



Chris Benians - European Golf Tour
"Fabtastic, Can't wait to work with you again"



Lee James - European Golf Tour
"Can't wait to work with you again"



Phill and Miranda Cotton - Formula 18 Catamaran Racing
"Top 20 and top mixed crew at the worlds. Thank you so much, I wasn't meant to even be there"



Billy Mackenzie - World Championship Mx2 Racer
"Wicked feeling, want more just for the experience...Pain is good!"



Julie Tucker - Dance World Champion
"Thanks Paul, you keep me going"



Steve Fletcher - AFC Bournemouth
"Once again 15 years later, the Master puts right his servant, Cheers"






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